• Navigating a Bratty Princess: A Guide

    A lot of people think they have what it takes to navigate this dynamic and quickly find themselves biting off more than they can chew, leading to frustration or giving up. This is a guide to understanding the mindset of a Princess with a Bratty side, and how to navigate the relationship. This is not my original write-up, but I did edit it a little.

    Who/What is a Princess with a Bratty side?

    A Bratty Princess is a sub that is spoiled. It’s completely about power exchange. Imagine you’re a King or Queen princess instilling role values that make her suitable for marriage, preparing her for her wifely duties. She knows it’s right for her to willingly submit to your orders. However, she doesn’t just lose her princess ways. She expects nothing less than to be treated like a princess as she learns her duties. (She is not a queen, she’s… like a Queen in training, that you will tame through sexual correction). Bratty princesses don’t comprehend the word ‘No’ in respect to what you provide. She will pout, tease, prank, whine, ask in different ways and eventually be a big pain in the ass until you agree to give her what she wants. You don’t say no, you never want to say no. If it’s too much of a strain, you say you will think about it. The longer you make her wait, the brattier she becomes, so you dare not make her wait too long (not advised). However, the second you say yes, it’s like you flip a switch & she becomes more obedient/Submissive. As spoiled brats, they need the power exchange of getting what they want (very important)

    "Because I'm the Princess, That's Why."

    Underlying Themes in the Relationship:

    As a princess, she knows she’s been acting up and disobeying you. Since she was making things very difficult for you, but you did provide what she wanted, she will gladly take her punishment. She is now willing and will happily take her punishment. Through feeding into power dynamic, you just put her in a very sexual headspace, and now she is ready to absorb all your stress and irritation. You do and say whatever you must to put her back in her place. When she does obey, using praise, such as: “Good Girl,” is highly recommended. She will whine like a little brat when it gets to rough, but shiver and take it like a good little princess should. She really just wants you to fuck her hard and take care of her. So, take advantage of your opportunities you worked so hard for; use her mouth and pound away in that little brat’s pussy, break her until she gives her power right back to you.

    The sexual relationship will die out unless you are willing to essentially say yes most of the time. To her, that is an essential part of the foreplay. Suck it up in the daytime, then remember exactly those things… then punish her sexually for them at night.

    You will need to think of what you’re willing/need/have to do, in order to tolerate and manage the dynamic. She will push you and you will grow.

    ~Sissy Princess Foxxy